This description applies for the process available after the 2022-06-10 release. To see the older version, click here.

As an Agent, you can take control of a customer's computer from a standard chat session. During a remote access session you can view and/or control the customer's computer. Each remote access session is also a chat session.

Important: You can have one active remote access session at a time.
Important: Please find the URL whitelist here.
Remember: To use the Remote Access feature, you must use Chrome.

Customer experience

Customer requirements for remote access:

  • Windows 8.1 or above
  • OS X 10.9 or above
  1. The customer initiates the conversation.
  2. The Agent asks them to accept the remote control session. The customer clicks Allow to accept.

  3. After that, the customer has to perform the following steps:
    • Download the Genesys.Support.exe applet that pops up in the browser window.
    • To start the actual remote control session, the customer clicks the Genesys.Support.exe applet to run it.
    • A pop-up message appears, asking the customer to grant permission to view their screen. The Customer clicks Allow.

    • As the Agent views their screen, the customer can click Pause or End session any time.

Start remote control session with a customer - for Agents

  1. Accept the incoming conversation.

  2. Click the Remote Control button in the upper right corner of the conversation panel to switch to remote access.

  3. The customer has to accept your request.
  4. After the customer has accepted your request, guide them through these steps:
    1. Ask them to grant the opted permissions and download the Genesys.Support.exe applet. Download should take no more than 15 seconds.
    2. Once the download is complete, ask the customer to click on the downloaded file to run the applet and click Allow to grant you access to their screen.
    3. You can now view the customer's screen.


Available options

Note: The customer has to allow every action you request.

Request remote control
You can request to control the customer's screen remotely. Please ask the customer not to use their mouse or keyboard while you are in remote control, as it can interrupt your actions.

Request screen annotation
You can draw an informative image or move a laser pointer on the customer's screen. Please ask the customer not to use their mouse or keyboard while you are in remote control, as it can interrupt your actions.

System info
This option allows you to inspect the characteristics of the PC, Mac or mobile phone the customer is using.

Zoom to original size
This option lets you zoom in the screen control as if you would inspect the customer's screen in its actual size. Click the option again to zoom back.

Stream performance 100%
This option lets you finetune the stream quality to reduce CPU usage and bandwith consumption. There are two options available here:

  • Stream FPS: Changes the frame rate of the stream. A lower setting relieves the CPU, but produces lower screen quality.
  • Stream resolution: Changes the stream resolution.

Leave session
Click this option to leave the remote access session.