LivePerson LP2 integration - how to test that integration is working

  • Make sure you have the correct account, engagement ID, and the ID of the element where the LivePerson (lp) buttons should be injected.
  • Add a generic rule to make sure that the chat works for any article.
  • The lp tag code should not be injected by Bold360 AI unless decided otherwise. The integration should work regardless of whether the lp tag code exists on the page. However, if needed, you can manually add the lp tag to the page where you perform tests, such as the Support Center page. You should get the lp tag code either from the LivePerson console, if you have the credentials to the account that is being tested, or ask for this code from the customer.
  • Read the following article to get all necessary information from LivePerson.

When you are all set, run your test page and ask a question that should display the chat icon in the action bar of the article. If you cannot see a chat, you must confirm whether the integration is not working or the chat (agent) is not available.

  1. Open the Inspect window (Ctrl+Shift+i).
  2. Go to Console and type lpTag.
  3. Check that the site number matches the the account ID, which is set in the console role.
  4. Check the availability of the chat by clicking lpTag.taglets.rendererStub.getEngagementState(<engagement ID that is set in the policy rule>). Look at the state of the chat to verify that the integration works:
    • If state is 0, the integration does not work properly. See Troubleshooting for more information.
    • If state is 1, the integration is OK and there are no available agent at this time
    • If state is 2 and you do not see the button, this is a CSS issue as something hides the button

Do the following to verify that there are no issues with the setup of the integration:

  • Since we cannot support two simultaneous active chats, verify that there is only one LP2 chat rule active for a specific article.
  • Be patient. From the moment an agent starts using the LivePerson console, it takes up to 5 minutes for Bold360 AI to recognize that a chat is available.

If troubleshooting verifies that the integration works fine, then the problem is with LivePerson.