How to integrate BoldChat?

To integrate BoldChat with Bold360 AI, do the following:

  1. Login to your Bold360 AI, and go to Channeling > Policy.
  2. Click Add channel.
  3. Select Chat for Channel type.
  4. Select Bold360 from the Select chat provider drop-down list.
  5. Paste your BoldChat API key into the API key field.

    If you do not know your BoldChat API key, open your BoldChat console and go to the Setup > General Account Settings menu. On the Chat API tab, click View key next to the API key that you want to copy.

  6. Optionally, define the conditions for the chat button to appear. For more information on setting up conditions, see How do I define a channeling policy?.
  7. Save your changes.

Once the integration is set up, make sure you are Online in the BoldChat console to accept new chats. You will see the Chat escalation button on the Bold360 AI widget. If the chat integration does not work, contact our support.