What are the best practices for channeling?

Follow these guidelines about channeling to increase deflection rate, agent efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Remember the following guidelines when setting up channeling options:

  • We recommend you provide no more than two or three channeling options at a time? so that you don't overwhelm the customer with options.
  • Make the description of the channeling policy meaningful for analytics, so it is easy to identify and call out in reports, for example, Email ? After Hours? and Email ? Business Hours.
  • Offer different channeling options during and outside business hours, for example, email out of business hours and phone only during business hours. This ensures that customers are directed to the channels most suited to them at the time they are interacting with the bot.
  • Offer at least two levels of error messaging, that is, channel after the second error message only. This way you give the bot time to succeed, more than one chance to leverage its full capability which can increase agent efficiency and therefore customer satisfaction.
  • Create multiple customized error messages to go along with the escalation to keep the conversation natural.
  • Ensure channeling is always enabled in the following cases?:
    • When no answer is found? so that instead of disengaging with the communication altogether, the user can ask an agent when they can't get an answer from the bot.
    • When the user provides negative feedback?. This way, you give your agents a chance to immediately improve the user's experience after they've expressed frustration.
  • You can optionally enable channeling
    • By article labels which is easiest for customers to understand
    • By keywords such as agent

What are the best practices for channeling to phone?

When setting up a channeling policy for phone, keep the following in mind:

  • Ensure that there are no phone numbers in articles. Instead of including phone numbers within the article, include a button to channel to phone.
  • If your main goal is deflection, we recommend you remove phone numbers from other places on your website.
These best practices ensure that anytime someone channels to phone, your channeling metrics are updated accordingly enabling you to more accurately calculate channeling and deflection.