How can I display different answers on different touchpoints?

You can offer variations of an answer to the same question by creating variations of an article and assigning different context values to them.

Make sure your Customer Success Manager has created a touchpoint context category in your account.

You want to offer different answers to the same question depending on whether the reader is asking the question in the Support Center or in chat.

Note: This flow works when the code from Bold360 AI is implemented and Bold360 Chat is not being used.
In cases where the full harmony flow is used and Bold360 chat service is included, please contact your Customer Success Manager as additional configuration needs to be added to the web page code.
  1. Go to Admin Center > KB Setup > Context and find the touchpoint context category created in your account.
  2. Add chat as a context value.

    Make sure you use these settings:

  3. Create an article with two variations.

    Include the content you want to display in the support center in one and the content for the chat in the other.

  4. Select chat in the touchpoint dropdown for the article variation that you want to display in the chat.
  5. In the touchpoint configuration of the conversational widget, on the Conversation tab, add touchpoint:chat in the Context info field.