Template Answers Overview

Template answers enable your Bold360 AI solution to answer product attributes-related questions (e.g., what is the price?, what is the size?, color, etc.).

Instead of creating multiple answers for multiple specific questions ('what is the color of dinner plate A?' 'what is the color of dinner plate B?), you only need to create one Q&A ('what is the color?') and insert a template script inside the answer so the answer varies depending on the product ('The color is blue").

An example:

An end user visits one of your product pages and asks about the product's color (In this case, the color of a dinner plate). Your products (dinner plates) come in two colors: blue and orange. By using a color attribute, all you need is to create one question in your Bold360 AI knowledge base: "What is the product's color?"

The user will receive an answer about the actual product's color depending on the product page that they are currently visiting. If the user is on the blue dinner plate page, the answer will be: "The product color is blue" and if they are on the orange dinner plate page, the answer will be "The product color is orange".