How to use the knowledge base launchpad

Use the knowledge base launchpad to create a knowledge base quickly and easily.

Note: The knowledge base launchpad is not available by default, it must be enabled for the knowledge base on account level. For more information contact your Customer Success Manager.
  1. In the AI Console, go to Knowledge > Launchpad.
  2. Select one of the predefined packages depending on your business needs.

    Result: Once you select a package, a list of articles appears.

  3. Review and modify the articles as required.

    You have the following options for each article:

    Table 1. Options for knowledge base launchpad articles
    Option Description
    Live This option controls whether the article is imported to the knowledge base in online or offline state. All articles are set offline by default. If you set an article live, it will be immediately available on touchpoints once you launch the article.
    Article Title Displays the article title and the number of phrasings available for the article. Select the number to see the phrasings.
    Content The body of the article. You can add the content you want to present as a response to the question that is in the Article Title.
    (Delete) This option enables you to delete specific articles from the list.
    (Launch) With this option you can launch a specific article.
  4. Optional: Add new articles as you see fit.
  5. Launch all articles using the button at the bottom or launch articles one by one.
    Note: Once you launch a package in a knowledge base, it can't be launched to the same knowledge base again.
The articles you launched are available in your knowledge base under Knowledge > Articles.