How do I use quick actions in articles?

Quick action buttons in an article allow you to easily link between different articles.

Quick actions provide visitors with different flows that are based on their preferences and create a conversational-like experience for them.

  1. In the AI Console, go to Knowledge > Articles and create a new article.
  2. In the Article Editor, click Quick Actions or Persistent List at the bottom of the page.
  3. Name your button and select its type. Button type defines the action that happens when the customer selects it:
    • Content: enter the ID of the article that you want to show to visitors.
    • Article: enter the name of the article that you want to display. The bot automatically picks the best variation if there are mutiple variations.
    • Variation ID: enter the ID of the article variation that you want to show to visitors.
    • Statement: use this option if the answer has more variations associated with different contexts and you want the bot to display the relevant variation based on context. Enter the title of the article with multiple variations.
    • URL: the URL of a website that the visitor is redirected to.
    • Phone number: a phone number that the visitor can call.
    • External: use this option to transfer parameters to an external interface. This is useful for handshaking with a customer app that uses certain parameters from the conversational bot.
  4. Choose Event for the quick action to select a context or an entity and a value.

    The button action will only be triggered when the customer selects the defined event properties.

    Note: This is only available for Content, Article, and Statement button types.
  5. Save your changes.