How can I assign users to articles?

You can assign users to an article to signal that the article needs revision as part of the approval process.

To assign users to articles, you must have the Enable approval workflow option enabled for your account. Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable it for you. See How to define a content management workflow for more information.

Important: A user must have modify permission for Knowledge-Base to be included in the workflow.
  1. In the Bold360 AI, go to Knowledge > Articles.
  2. Create an article or open an existing one that you want to assign to a user.

    Result: The Article Editor is displayed.

  3. At the top of the Content tab, click New Assignee.
  4. Select a user from the list.

  5. Click Publish & Close.

Users can find all articles assigned to them under Knowledge > Assigned to Me.

You can also set up email alerts when the assignee changes. See How to receive email alerts about changes in an article to learn more.