How do I add a link to a Bold360 AI answer?

To help your customers find related information, you can add links to other articles in your knowledge base.

  1. In the Article Editor, click on the (link) icon in the answer toolbar to open the Link dialog.
  2. On the Link Info tab, enter the text that you want to display as a link.
  3. Select Article from the Link Type drop-down.
  4. Optional: Select the Link to specific variation checkbox.

    When you create a link to an article with multiple variations, by default, Bold360 AI chooses the correct variation based on the context. This option enables you to create a link to a specific article variation yourself.

  5. In the Select an answer field, start typing the title of the article that you want to display once the link is clicked.

    Result: A list of matches is displayed.

  6. Select an article.

    If you selected the Link to specific variation checkbox, you can find and select a specific variation of an article.


For an example, we have created this link. Clicking it will direct you to the linked Bold360 AI answer.