What is the Suggested Content section?

You can use the Suggested Content page to turn insights from agents into new answers.

You can find suggested content under Knowledge > Suggested Content.

With proper permission, users in your Bold360 AI account can review, edit, and publish suggested content as knowledge base articles.

Articles in this section are not online until published.

How can an agent using Bold360 AI's ticketing system suggest content?

Agents can propose suggested content from within the ticketing system when they reply to a ticket by selecting the Decide later option. Selecting this option will add the agent's answer under Knowledge > Suggested Content.

How can an agent suggest new content in the Bold360 Agent Workspace?

When you integrate Bold360 Agent and Bold360 AI, your agents can suggest their replies to customers as new articles from the Bold360 Agent Workspace using Smart Advisor. See What is Smart Advisor? for more information.