What are the best practices for content creation?

Follow these guidelines about how to phrase intents and create article content to make the most of Bold360 AI's Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm.

When phrasing intents, keep in mind the following:

  • It?s best to phrase the intent as a question in natural language.
  • Bold360 AI?s NLP algorithm works best with questions that are three to eight words long.
  • Boring is good, so be consistent in how you formulate intents.
  • Use a single statement as intent, for example, What do I do if I can't log in? and avoid phrasings like What do I do if I cannot login, my password is rejected??. Add alternatives ways of asking about the same issue as phrasings to the article.
  • Avoid using acronyms and descriptions in titles like Is PayPal (PP) accepted?. Add synonyms for acronyms. Create phrasings for acronyms that are composed of three or more words.
  • Turn off autocomplete for articles like error messages and negative articles like I want to cancel by unselecting Search and Auto-Complete on the Visibility tab for the article.
    Note: You can also turn off autocomplete for phrasings if necessary.

When composing the answers, remember to:

  • Keep them short.
  • Engage readers using a variety of media: pictures, videos, gifs, tables and so on.
  • Use formatting options like bold, italics, underlining, bullets and so on.
  • Display content on multiple pages if needed; it is a good way to break up look articles to make them more digestible to the reader.
  • Take into consideration that the content may be consumed on a variety of interfaces: mobile, floating widget, support page and so on.
  • Create focused questions and answers and consider what the user really needs, for example, full user guide or steps on how to use the image button.
  • Use channeling instead of including phone numbers directly in the article answer body, especially when deflection from the phone channel is measured?.
  • Periodically revise your FAQs to keep suggested responses relevant.
  • Use conversational flows and article trees when you need more information from customer to provide an answer.
  • Use hyperlinks and ensure that the bot follows, or the link opens in a new tab:
    • Use when answering the question is best done by pointing to a page with a lot of information for user to explore.
    • Use when information is constantly changing and updates are made to that page rather than having to update the article.