What is the knowledge base launchpad?

The knowledge base launchpad in Bold360 AI enables content managers to jumpstart a knowledge base.

Note: The knowledge base launchpad is not available by default, it must be enabled for the knowledge base on account level. For more information contact your Customer Success Manager.

The knowledge base launchpad offers several packages content managers can choose from depending on the nature of the knowledge base they want to set up. The packages contain a set of intents with phrasings which serve as examples and guidance for content creation and can be changed. To access the knowledge base launchpad, go to Knowledge > Launchpad.

With the knowledge base launchpad, content managers can:

  1. Select from a list of predefined content packages
  2. Review the content of the package
  3. Edit the content of the package such as edit the intent, the phrasings and the content of the article
  4. Delete articles from the list that are not needed and add new ones
  5. Set articles live
  6. Launch the entire package or specific articles of the package to the knowledge base

See How to use the knowledge base launchpad to learn more about how to use the launchpad.