How do I create a translated article?

If you have knowledge bases in multiple languages, you can keep track of the article translation by linking it as a translated article.

Notice: The Knowledge Bases should be connected under the same translation group!

Linking Answers to Translations in Other Knowledge Bases

  1. Go to Knowledge > Articles and choose an article.
  2. Once the article editor opens, go to the Localization tab.
  3. Click Add Localization to connect the answer to a translated answer from a different Knowledge Base.

From the drop-down list, choose the Knowledge Base to connect the link to the answer. You have the following options:

  • If you already have a translated answer on the other knowledge-base, click Choose an existing answer and you can simply link to it (a suggested article will be shown).
  • If you do not have a translated answer in the other Knowledge Base, you can write a new one, click Write Answer. As a starting point, Bold360 AI will automatically translate the answer using Google Translator.

Indication of translated answers

On the Localization tab, you can view and edit all the translated articles that are connected to the article.

In the article list under Knowledge > Articles, you can view a column that indicates the number of languages each answer is translated to.