Synonyms and conversational flows

Synonyms are used to enhance your Knowledge Base (KB) and improve search results. There are two types of synonyms in Bold360 AI:

  • Local synonyms: The synonym repository in the KB which is created and maintained by your content management team. Local synonyms typically include words that are related to your business and serve as an extension to the list of global synonyms.
  • Global synonyms: Language-specific global synonyms that Bold360 AI uses which are relevant across all verticals.

For your conversational flows, synonyms are especially important as you will have to anticipate the different ways customers are looking for your goods or services.

The following is an example of global and local synonyms as seen in the Article Editor:

When you look at the synonyms of create, you see that "add" and "make" are defined locally. At the same time, "build" and "open" are defined as global synonyms that are also applied when a customer enters an intent.