What are quick action events?

When using Quick Action buttons, a special event can be created.

An event can be setting a new context or changing an entity value. Events can help you gather more information about your users and their specific preferences so that the bot can present the most relevant content for them.

For example, let?s say we have a context called User Type, and its value are Basic and Advanced. Suppose we have an article providing a general overview of our product. We can add a quick button like Learn more with an event that changes the User Type context to Advanced. Therefore, when the bot displays the Learn more article, it presents the variation of the article that has Advanced context.

Important: For a context value to be successfully set using an event, the context category must have Detect from user search enabled.

How else can you use context-based quick action buttons?

Let's say, you want to offer different shipping information for website visitors who are currently looking at an item and visitors who have actually purchased that item. In this case, you can create a shipping-related article with two variations: one where the context called purchased is set to true and one without any context defined. Then in your main article, you create the quick action button and define an event to open the shipping-related article when the visitor clicks that button. In this case, visitors who are just looking for an item may find general shipping information, while customers who have purchased that item may see the date when they are supposed to receive their products.

Tip: You can use synonyms to cover different user inputs. For example, if the buttons show Yes and No, you can create a synonym group that includes yes, yeah, ya and so on. This way, if the user types yeah instead of choosing the Yes button, they still receive the relevant answer.