What are negative phrasings?

Negative phrasings tell the bot what customer voices an article should not answer.

Negative phrasings are the opposite of phrasings, which serve as alternative titles for articles so that customers can find an article with multiple search terms.

You can add negative phrasings to an article in the Article Editor and in Search Optimizer. By adding a negative phrasing to an article, you can make sure that Digital DX AI doesn't return the article to a customer question that it doesn't answer.

Note: To use negative phrasings, you must have the Enable negative examples option enabled for your account. Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable these features for you.

Why would you add negative phrasings?

You have near identical titles with substantially different content

For example, you may have the following two internal articles for your support agents:

  • How to treat customers
  • How not to treat customers

From a Natural Language Processing point of view, these phrasings are very close in meaning, therefore Digital DX AI would display both articles when your agents search for how to treat customers. You can avoid this by adding the title of the other article as a negative phrasing to the articles.

A question is answered by an article that should not answer the question

In this case, you can do the following:

  • Add the question as a negative phrasing to the article that doesn't contain the relevant information.
  • Add the question as a (positive) phrasing to the article that does have the answer.