This article provides a step-by-step process for configuring the Genesys DX Product Authentication Service as SSO service provider.

  1. Login to and click Go to SSO Setup in the bottom left corner.
  2. Note: If you cannot see the Go to SSO Setup button, contact your support representative or the Genesys CX support.

    You are then navigated to the SSO setup webpage.
    NoteGeneral Settings and Domain are read-only fields, you cannot modify them.
  3. Click Sign-in configuration, and enable the SSO.

  4. Choose one of the two configuration methods.
    You can obtain the necessary details from your Identity Provider settings.

    Method 1: Manual Configuration

    Add your Verification Certificate when you are finished with manual configuration.

    When you add the Verification Certificate, remove the following tags:
    "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----"
    "-----END CERTIFICATE-----"

    A Verification Certificate example with removed BEGIN and END tags: 

    Method 2: SAML IdP metadata URL

    Host your Identity Provider metadata XML file on a publicly accessible URL.

    Note: Since we cache this file for only 2 minutes, please ensure high availability of this file via the specified URL to avoid SSO login failures.

    Note: You can configure a SAML 2.0 based auth delegation with any ID provider that supports SAML 2.0 protocol.
    Please note that if you create users on your ID provider side, these users are not automatically synced in Bold360. You need to create Bold360 users in the Bold admin center as well.
    • The configuration is applied to each user whose email address belong to the configured domain.
    • The configuration is not account specific, multiple accounts can have users with email addresses with from the same domain.
    • An account can have users from other email domains as well.
  5. Once you have setup your configuration using a method of your choice, save your changes.

    Enter your email /username that uses the domain you have setup in your Identity Provider service and click Continue.
    You can see the following message on a successful login.