How to configure Advise touchpoints

Improve your employees' productivity by providing integrated, easy access to your company's knowledge base.

To provide the best customer experience, you can configure Advise touchpoints for customer-facing employees similarly to embedded widgets. To configure an Advise touchpoint, go to Touchpoints > Widgets and click Personalize under Advise widgets.

For the best result, experiment with widget skins in the Basics tab of the configuration page. Use the Widget Preview on the right to see how your changes effect the widget.

Note: The Enable Advise Touchpoints feature must be enabled for your account. Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable it for you.

For more information on using the Chrome extension and the Salesforce widget, see Receive internal support in Google Chrome and Receive internal support in Salesforce.

How to generate Advise widget tokens

An Advise widget token is used to identify the knowledge base and context settings that identify the content available in Advise touchpoints.

Important: You must have the Enable Advise Touchpoints feature enabled on your account. Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable it for you.

To add a new token,

  1. Go to Admin Center > Advise Widget Tokens and click Add New Token in the top-right corner of the page.
  2. Name your widget token and fill in its details:
    • Select a Knowledge Base that you want to use to display articles in your widget
    • Optionally, select contexts that you want the bot to display
    • Select whether you want to restrict the widget to be accessible from specific IP ranges
  3. Click Generate Widget Token.
  4. Add this token when you set up your Advise widget extension in Google Chrome or Salesforce.