How can I customize negative feedback submission?

Once you have set up how visitors give feedback, you can customize how you want to gather negative feedback.

With both feedback input types, you have the following three options to collect feedback after the article receives negative feedback:

  • Open text
  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple choice and open text
To set this up, proceed as follows:
  1. In the AI Console, go to Touchpoints > Widgets.
  2. Under Floating widget or Embedded widget, select Personalize.
  3. Select the knowledge base or URL you want to customize.
  4. From the Feedback submission drop-down, select the desired option.
    • Select Open Text to display an input field to the visitor.

      If you select this option, you can customize the following:

      • Dialog Title: the text that appears above the input field.. You can use this option to specify what kind of feedback you would like to receive. How can we improve this article? is displayed by default.
      • Placeholder Text: the text presented in the input field before the user clicks in it.
      • Disclaimer Text: use this field to provide any kind of disclaimer to visitors who submit the form. This text is displayed under the input field.
      • Submit Button Text: the text that appears on the button that triggers submission. Submit is the default value.
    • Select Multiple Choice to display feedback options to the visitor.

      If you select this option, you can customize the following:

      • Search problem text: text for the first answer option. Missing or incorrect information is displayed by default.
      • Problem with answer text: text for the second answer option. Answer irrelevant to the page is displayed by default.
    • Select Multiple Choice + Open Text to combine the previous two.

      All customization options available for Multiple choice and Open Text are available for this feedback type .

  5. Save your changes.