How to create a post-chat survey

You can create a post-chat survey for bot conversations using a custom entity that captures the survey questions.

You can configure the conversational widget to present a post-chat survey if the user has been inactive for the specified amount of time. Customer responses collected with such a survey are stored as entities and can be extracted through the reporting API in the form of a table that includes all survey responses.
  1. Create a custom entity that includes the survey questions.
    1. In the AI Console, go to Knowledge Base > Entities.
    2. Choose (Create Entity).
    3. On the New Entity page, Select Custom Entity for Entity Type.
    4. Enter a name and a description for the entity.

      Example: For example, use survey as name and post-chat survey as description.

    5. Select Intent in the Life Cycle field.
    6. Add the survey questions to the Properties Table.


      Table 1. Example questions for post-chat survey
      Name Detect Bot Query Error Message Life Cycle
      NPS Number On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your experience? Please enter a number. Intent
      Comment Text What can I do to improve? You've entered a wrong format. (Default message) Intent
      Note: If you set up the entity as it is in this example, you can use the API configuration in this article with minimal adjustments.
  2. Create an article that uses the custom entity you just created.
    1. In the AI Console, go to Knowledge Base > Articles.
    2. Choose (Create Article).
    3. Enter an intent for the article.

      Example: For example, Post-chat survey.

    4. On the Content tab, choose Add Entity and select the entity you created.
    5. In the text field of the Content tab, enter the text you want to present to the user once they completed the survey.

      Example: For example, you could add Thank you for your feedback.

    6. Publish the article.
    7. Open the article you just created and copy its ID.
  3. Set your conversational widget to present the chat survey after the visitor has been inactive for a specified amount of time.
    Note: Besides presenting the survey article after the visitor has been inactive for some time, you can also set the survey article as a persistent menu value or add it to specific articles using a quick action button.
    1. In the AI Console, go to Touchpoints > Widgets.
    2. Select Personalize under the type of widget you want to present the post-chat survey.
    3. Select the knowledge base or URL to customize.
      Note: Make sure the widget you select is a conversational one.
    4. On the Conversation tab, enter the ID of the article you created for the chatbot survey in the Customer Inactivity Message field.

      Result: The Customer Inactivity Timeout field appears.

    5. In the Customer Inactivity Timeout field, specify the time in seconds that should pass before the survey is presented.
    6. Save your changes.