What are the best practices for widget configuration?

Learn how to best configure your chat widget.


When thinking about where to place your widget on your webpage, consider the following:

  • Make sure it is in line with other navigational aspects of your page.
  • It's common to put the widget on either the lower right or left hand side of the webpage as web page real-estate is valuable.
  • People tend to read more to the left and click more to the right. The left sidebar is better suited for navigation, the right sidebar is better suited for advertising and other widgets.
  • On mobile, most people scroll with their right thumb so a widget may be easier to see on the left side.

Color scheme

When it comes to choosing a color scheme for your widget, consider the following:

  • Everything about the bot should match your brand image, from the personality of the bot to the colors you choose for the text.
  • Your brand is important, but be mindful to make the widget noticeable. For instance, if your brand colors are blue and white and your web page background is blue, consider using a white icon to align with your branding but doesn't get hidden while also being blue.

What are some ways to increase chat engagement?

To increase traffic going to the bot and with that deflect call volume, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Draw attention to the chat button by using a hover message, contrasting colors, animation or a bright catchy image.
  • Make sure you don't limit access to live chat by placing the widget in the footer of the page.