How can I activate on-the-fly translation?

Digital DX AI offers automatic language translation using multiple language translation engines. It enables you to answer your international visitors and create/respond to tickets in any language - especially if you do not have agents speaking a specific language. The translation engine supports more than 34 languages (using Google translate V2).

Features and Benefits

  • Language is detected automatically.
  • Answer content and widget interface are automatically translated.
  • Once the translation symbol is shown, it enables the user to see the text in the original language by clicking on that symbol.
  • Allows you to answer foreign language tickets in your natural language.
  • Offers comprehensive translation analytics.

To activate the translation capabilities, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Dedicated language Knowledge Bases

Digital DX AI allows you to have a separate dedicated knowledge base for each language, including Asian languages such as Korean or Chinese, and many more. In this way, you can associate each knowledge base with a different language on your website. When a user asks a question, a native answer from the dedicated knowledge base will be provided (instead of a translated one).

To activate a dedicated knowledge base, please contact your Customer Success Manager.