Conversational widget settings

You can customize conversational bot behavior in two ways:

  • By defining conversational flows per each article
  • By adjusting general settings of conversational widget

You can access conversational widget settings in Touchpoints > Widgets = > Conversation configuration section (note that Widget mode should be set to "Conversational" one in Basics tab for this tab to appear). Once there, you can find a number of options which can be changed:

Require API key

Enable Channels

Enabled by default, this option will add your existing escalation options for conversational widget

Enable Feedback

This option allows you to enable feedback feature on conversational widget experience.

Note that "Feedback text" should also be enabled and not empty to have feedback question shown.

Time before feedback

By default, feedback question will appear in 30 seconds after last interaction if no new questions were asked by user. Use this settings to increase or decrease this time period.

Feedback text

Mandatory field which contains text shown during feedback dialog. Empty by default so make sure to fill it with question if you want feedback option to be enabled.

  • Ask an agent
  • Show support center link
  • Enable answers in parts
  • Context info
  • Search precision

Multiple results header

This is a title of section which appear when question is not definitive enough and could possibly lead to multiple results so widget will ask user to select the one which he needs.

Once the desired options selected do not forget to press on "Save Changes" button in the top right corner of preview section: