How to set up a support center in the AI Console

Digital DX AI offers a built-in, SEO-enabled, fully HTML-customizable and mobile-optimized support center.

While the out-of-the-box look of the support center template is basic, you have the option to completely tailor the external appearance to reflect your brand. The HTML customization incorporates editable HTML pages, the automatic creation of metadata and SEO-optimized links for articles and related topics.

To set up a support center, proceed as follows:

  1. Create labels and add them to articles.

    Use labels to organize content in the knowledge base and to structure content in the support center. Labels are categories that can be assigned to articles in order to make organization of your support center content easier and more efficient. Labels can be organized into hierarchies which is reflected in the support center and they can also be used to search for specific topics and related answers. This ensures that your agents can easily access answers and thus provide the highest levels of customer service.

    Tip: If an article is relevant for more than one category, you can categorize the article with multiple labels and display it in several categories simultaneously.
  2. Add a support center in the AI Console.
  3. Create a support center structure using labels.
  4. Optional: Change the look and feel of your support center by adjusting the support center page templates.

    You can easily change the fonts, colors or other elements that make up the look and feel of your support center using simple HTML customization. To change the page templates, go to Touchpoints > Support Page > Page Templates.