Technical Preparations to implement a support center

If you have initial content that can be imported, it is a matter of two to three weeks until you can get Bold360 AI up and running.

Setting up a subdomain with a CNAME

The support center runs on Bold360 AI servers. In order for you to get the score for activities in the support page, you will need to allocate a subdomain out of your main website's domain. In order for your subdomain to use the Bold360 AI server, please specify a CNAME record to point from the support domain to < < account name > >

Once the CNAME is set up, please contact your Customer Success Manager and inform them about this new subdomain URL. The next step would be to update this new URL in the support center settings in the Support center domain field.

Secured (SSL) Setup: If your site is secured, and you've chosen the iframe solution, then we need to set up a secured connection in Bold360 AI and exchange certificates. For more information see this article.

Setting up a parent page for an iframe solution

In order to set up the support center as a part of your existing page (in iframe) you need to add the following code there:

<!-- embedded support center code start -->
<div id="nanorep-support-center"></div>
! function(t, e, o, n, c) {
    var s = this.nanorep = this.nanorep || {};
    s = s[e] = s[e] || {}, = c, s.path = n, s.domain = t, s.protocol = "https:" === location.protocol ? "https:" : "http:", s.on = s.on || function() { s._calls = s._calls || [], s._calls.push([] };
    var a = document.createElement("script");
    a.async = a.defer = !0, a.setAttribute("src", s.protocol + "//" + c + n + o), document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(a)
}("your_support_center_domain", "supportCenter", "support-center.js", "/web/", "");
<!-- embedded support center code end -->

(Replace the highlighted sections with your actual account settings)

If you need to set some predefined context values, place them after the support center domain as query parameters, for example:

("your_support_center_domain/?Brand=Apple","supportCenter","support-center.js","/web/", "")

Advanced configuration

Embed code will insert embedded support center with default settings, but there's a way to set override the settings inside the "Master Page" template like this:

<script src="//<%Site.nanoRepDomain%>/web/support-center.js"></script>
            noDirectDomainAccess: false, // use "true" to disable direct access to support center     
            supportCenterDomain: '<%Site.nanoRepDomain%>', // Support center subdomain     
            mainSiteURL: '<%Site.MainSiteUrl%>', // Parent page URL     urlPrefix: '#/path' //prefix path for URL hash   });

How to implement a child support center

If you have several support centers pulling the data from different knowledge bases but have the same support center domain, it is also possible to load them by specifying a unique URL path after the URL Prefix part in the parent page URL. For example, let's say you have 2 knowledge bases:

1) English KB - main support center ( )

2) Dutch KB - child support center ( dutch )

In order to load the main support center you can just access the parent page URL located and it will be loaded automatically as a default option.

In order to load Dutch child Support center you should specify its unique URL part after URL prefix:

where: - parent page URL

#path - default URL prefix

dutch - unique URL part of child support center