How to configure messaging channels

Once you created a messaging channel for WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams, you can change the default status messages, define a context, or set up to auto-end conversations.

Make sure you have created a messaging channel.

  1. In the AI Console, go to Touchpoints > Widgets.
  2. Under Conversation configuration, select Messaging applications.
  3. Choose (Configure) next to the channel that you want to configure.
  4. Adjust the options as necessary.
    Status messages

    You can change the default messages for the following cases:

    • The conversation is escalated or closed
    • There is a network issue and the customer's message cannot be delivered
    • There are multiple answers for a customer question
    Contexts If you use context to have article variations for the WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams channel, you can specify the context here to let the bot know which variations it can display to customers. See How do I define an article's context? to learn more.
    Auto-end configurations

    Bold360 can automatically end conversations after the specified time measured from the last customer-sent message. You can define an interval between 30 minutes and 24 hours.

    You can also define a message for customers when their conversation automatically ends.

    Nanorep Entities

    When users ask questions on Microsoft Teams, now they can receive personalized answers . For example, if Bold360 is integrated with a third-party ticketing system and the agent asks How many open tickets do I have?, Bold360 can deliver a response that is specific to the user.

    To enable personalized answers, select the Enable Nanorep Entities option for the Microsoft Teams channel you configured under Touchpoints > Widgets > Messaging applications. Then create articles with personalized answers using entities.

  5. Save your changes.