What are messaging applications in Digital DX AI?

What are messaging applications in Digital DX AI?

Messaging applications in Digital DX AI enable you to communicate with your customers over popular messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams.

Note: Messaging applications are in beta. Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

When you set up a messaging channel, you have the following options depending on your support needs:

  • Provide bot-only support if you do not have human agents
  • Provide agent-only support if you want your customers to always talk to a human agent
  • Use the combination of bot and agent support, if you want the bot to cover out of hours support and help your agents during business hours
Note: You need access to the AI Console if you want to use a bot only on your messaging application. For an agent-only and a bot and agent experience you need to have access to both the Agent Workspace and the AI Console.

Customers can interact with agents on their favorite messaging application in their own pace. The connection between the customer and the agent is permanent from the customer's perspective. Customers can start and stop the conversation in the messaging application anytime without losing connection to the agent.

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