What's the customer experience like in WhatsApp?

Learn how articles created in Bold360 AI are displayed in WhatsApp.

The way articles are displayed in WhatsApp differs from how they are displayed in widgets because WhatsApp is a text-based messaging app. When creating articles that are to be presented in WhatsApp, keep the following in mind:

  • WhatsAppcandisplay text, but it doesn?t present inline bulleted and numbered lists, tables, or carousels.
  • It supports simple URL links but can?t handle links to email addresses or to other articles in the knowledge base.
  • It automatically removes embedded videos and advanced text formatting from articles.
  • Conversational flows and entities are supported except for persistent and quick buttons. Persistent and quick buttons are presented as texts and the user can enter the number of the option or the name of the option to continue the flow.
  • When the bot finds multiple answers to the user's query, the bot lists options as a numbered list and suggests the user to enter the number of an option. Should customers change their mind, they can still select a different option:
  • Agent escalation works by setting up channeling policies in Bold360 AI. Once the conversation is channeled, the bot stops responding and lets the agent continue the conversation. Customers see a message when the conversation is escalated to an agent and when it ends. Customers however don't have an option to end the conversation with the agent.