How to set up the Smart Advisor touchpoint

Smart Advisor provides agents access to the company's knowledge base and offers them answers real-time based on what the visitor is asking in the chat.

Important: Smart Advisor is available to agents if the Agent Workspace is integrated with Digital DX AI and it is enabled on both platforms. For more information contact your Customer Success Manager.
  1. In the AI Console, go to Touchpoints > Widgets and choose Personalize for the Smart Advisor widget.
  2. Select a URL or knowledge base to customize.
  3. On the Basics tab, change the configuration based on your business needs.

    You have the following options:

    Name Description
    Display Article Last Update Select this checkbox to display when an article was last updated and who did the last update in the Smart Advisor. This information can be useful to agents: they can see whether the information is up to date and who they can contact about the article.
    Display Article Labels Select this checkbox to display labels associated with an article in the Smart Advisor. Labels can help agents decide if the content of the article is relevant to their query.
    Context info Add the context values to be considered when articles are displayed in Smart Advisor. This controls what content agents can access.
    Auto-complete count Enter the number of suggestions to be displayed in the auto-complete. If you enter 0, auto-complete is disabled. You can display up to 10 articles in the auto-complete.
    Comments Select this checkbox to enable agents to leave comments on existing articles. These comments are visible to all other agents in the Agent Workspace. Knowledge managers can find these comments on the Comments tab in the Article Editor for the relevant article.
  4. On the FAQ tab, set up an FAQ to display in Smart Advisor.
  5. Save your changes.