Smart Advisor: Chatbot-assisted conversations

When chatting with a customer, Smart Advisor offers agents potential answers to customer questions either based on the content of the chat conversation or by manual search.

These instant answers ultimately provide better user experience and increase agent efficiency: they allow agents to spend less time searching for answers, and improve Average Speed to Answer (ASA) in reporting.

Note: This feature is only available with a Bold360 AI platform account.

Important: You must have the Actions > Chats > Suggest response as Smart Advisor article permission enabled to use this feature.

During a conversation with the chatbot, customers have the option to connect to an available agent, if there are any. When the chat is transferred, the agent can view the full history of the conversation between the customer and the chatbot and continue that thread. The customer and the agent always use the same set of knowledge base articles.

When the customer sends a message to an agent, the chatbot analyzes that message and offers the most relevant answers to the customer's messages. These answers are listed on the Smart Advisor panel, which replaces the Canned Messages panel when the customer chats in a Bold360 ai chat window. Smart Advisor considers only those customer messages that have been sent since the agent's last interaction.

To copy the best answer to the message panel, click that response. You can edit your message before sending.

If your articles have contexts as well, you can select the relevant article variation from Smart Advisor panel.

Search Smart Advisor for help

You can manually search Smart Advisor articles when you are looking for results not listed automatically. To do so, type your question in the Search field. Automatic suggestions are provided as you type. Titles of the relevant articles are listed dynamically as you type your question. To see the content of an article, click its title. All previously displayed results are removed from the Smart Advisor panel.

To get the best search results, consider the following:

  • Grammatically accurate words return more relevant answers
  • Avoid very long phrases and generic statements

How to rate a Smart Advisor response

When Smart Advisor offers you responses, agents can always rate those responses.

  1. Click the arrow on the right of the suggested response to expand the article if not fully visible.
  2. Click Yes or No at the bottom of the article to rate whether the article was helpful.

    When you rate an article as not helpful, you can further categorize the problem with the article and suggest improvements. This rating improves the results that Smart Advisor provides.

How to suggest a response as a Smart Advisor article

When you cannot find a relevant answer to a frequent question, you can suggest your response as a Smart Advisor article. After approval, these articles are immediately available to every agent. To make a suggestion, do the following:

  1. Hover the mouse over one of your previous answers.
  2. Click Suggest as article .

Your answer must first be approved by a Bold360 ai knowledge base content manager before it becomes an article. You will not get any notification when your answer is approved.