How do I manage unanswered voices in Search Optimizer?

Look at and act on unanswered voices in Search Optimizer to improve the content of your knowledge base.

Voices in the Unanswered category in Search Optimizer may provide insight about possible gaps in the knowledge base. Voices in the Answered category might also give you an idea about how you could improve the content of your knowledge base.

To complete tasks in the Unanswered category, proceed as follows:

  1. In the AI Console, go to Voices > Search Optimizer.

    Once in Search Optimizer, you can search for a specific voice, use filters and change the time frame for which the voices are displayed in the tables.

  2. Select a voice in the Unanswered category.

    You can select a voice cluster and all its voices or select a single voice.

  3. Optional: On the pane that appears, expand the details of the voice to see more info about it.

    Among other things, you can see the number of hits or the URL where the voice was asked. If you expand the User Flow section, you can see what the user was asking before and after this voice.

  4. Fix the voice. You have the following options:
    • Add the voice as phrasing or negative phrasing to an existing article: you can use the search to find a relevant article, or go through the ones listed under Strongly related articles and Potential answers. Offline articles have an Offline label in the list.
      Tip: Select the Show online only option to exclude offline articles. To add the voice as a phrasing, hover over the article and choose Add as a phrase. You can edit the voice before you add it as a phrasing. Voices you add as phrasings are removed from Search Optimizer.
    • Create a new article: if you don't find an article in the Strongly related articles or Potential answers and can't find one in the knowledge base that answers the voices, you can create a new article. Voice you create new articles for are removed from Search Optimizer.
    • Delete the voice: if the voice is irrelevant or you don't understand what the customer was looking for, you can delete the voice. Deleting the voice removes it from Search Optimizer.
    • Mute the voice: if the voice is not relevant for your business, you can mute it. If you mute a voice, it is moved to the Muted category. You can unmute a voice any time.
What's next? You can complete these steps for voices in the Answered category as well.