What makes a query "Unresolved"?

What makes a query "Unresolved"?

Customer queries for which no answer was presented or selected, negative feedback was provided, or which the customer escalated to a channel (email or chat, for example) are referred to as unresolved or unanswered.

To help understand why a query is marked as unresolved, generate a report using the Unresolved Reason field, as follows:

  1. Go to Analytics > Reports.
  2. On the Fields tab under Resolution, select the following fields: Resolved, Unresolved Reason, Expanded.
  3. Select additional fields as necessary. Suggested additional field are the following:
    • Time > Date & Time
    • Content > Query
    • Content > Article Title
    • Count > #Negative FB
  4. Run the report.

Values of Unresolved Reason:

  • Not expanded: The user did not select any of the answers presented.
  • Negative Feedback: The user selected an answer and then responded with negative feedback.
  • Channeled: The user chose a channel option (email or chat, for example).
  • No Result: No answers were presented to the user.

Values of Expanded:

  • Yes: The user selected an answer to view, including cases when only one answer was presented and automatically expanded. (For those instances when a user was presented multiple options, the report contains only the Article Title of the first article shown to the customer. The report cannot tell you which article the user actually selected.)
  • No: The user did not select any of the answers presented.
  • No Data: No data was collected because either the widget was not slim or it was Conversational or Mobile SDK.