Can I apply context filters to voices?

The contextual search filter enables you to easily filter visitors' queries by context.

There are two ways to open the contextual filter:

  1. Go to Voices > Search Optimizer and click the funnel icon
  2. Go to Analytics > Voices and click the funnel icon

Contextual filtering in Search Optimizer

To use contextual filters in Search Optimizer, select the Context option and select a context category. Then select one or more values for the selected category. To search for items that have no value specified for a certain category, select the None Values option.

Contextual filtering in Voices Analytics

The names of the context categories are listed on the left side. Specify one or more values for one or multiple categories.

Under each category, there are four filtering options for each search:

  • No filter: All results are displayed, that it, no context filter is applied.
  • Selected values: Only selected items from the list on the right are displayed.
  • Non-empty values: Only items containing a defined value are displayed.
  • Empty values: Only items not containing a value are displayed.