What is Business Insights?

Business Insights enable you to analyze user journeys from beginning to end and gain insights into the efficiency of your digital engagement services.

Business Insights provides a comprehensive view of the user journey across the Bold360 AI and Bold360 Agent platforms: you can follow the end user?s journey from the moment they start interacting with the bot through their communication with the agent until the conversation ends.

Business Insights collects and presents data on the following dashboards:

  • Engagements Dashboard
  • Interactions Dashboard
  • Channeling Dashboard
  • Interactions by Labels Dashboard
  • Engagements History Dashboard
  • Interactions History Dashboard
Note: The Engagements Dashboard is available on all accounts. The rest of the dashboards are in beta. To learn more about the beta dashboards, contact your Customer Success Manager.

You can easily personalize the generic views of the Business Insights Dashboards to accommodate the your business needs and you can bookmark multiple personalized views for future use.