How to configure BoldChat to manage SMS (text messages)

To implement BoldChat's SMS functionality you must configure an SMS account and provision a phone number to integrate with our SMS gateway.

Note: An Enterprise subscription is required.
Note: Additional per message fees apply, check our website for block message rates.

As with chat functionality, the SMS service supports department based routing, hours of availability, post-chat wrap-up, and canned messages, as well as an auto-respond feature to help you manage incoming chat requests.

  1. Create a new SMS account:
    1. From the main menu of the operator client, go to Setup > Account Setup. The Account Setup window is displayed.
    2. On the left menu of the Account Setup window, click Messaging > SMS Accounts > New. The New SMS Account window is displayed.
  2. Name the account.
  3. Under Phone Number Acquisition, choose your Country and Area Code and then select Find Phone Number.

    Result: Once a number is provisioned for your account, the number is displayed to the right of the Phone Number label. This number is used to provide visitors the ability to initiate an SMS session from their mobile device.

  4. To associate incoming SMS with a department, choose a Department.
  5. Set an Auto-End Interval to end sessions automatically when a visitor's response is not received within the defined period.
  6. Under Enable Business Hours you can set hours of availability specific to SMS functionality.
  7. Configure the auto-responder.

    To configure the SMS auto-responder you must create rules by which incoming SMS requests are evaluated. When all criteria in the rule are matched, a response is triggered.

    1. Select the Auto-Responder tab and then the New menu item. The New Rule window is displayed.
    2. Name the rule and define criteria.
    3. Select the response to send when criteria are matched and the rule is triggered.
  8. Configure Post-SMS Settings.
  9. Save your changes.