How to integrate BoldChat with Zendesk

By integrating Zendesk and BoldChat, your organization will be able to create Zendesk tickets from active or inactive chats directly from the BoldChat client.

Important: Zendesk integration is only available to BoldChat Enterprise subscribers.

Zendesk integration features:

  • Create Zendesk tickets from active or inactive chats directly from the BoldChat client
  • Link chats directly to Zendesk tickets within the BoldChat client
  • Search by Ticket Number, Visitor Name, Email Address
  • Look up customer information automatically via pre-chat forms or by manual search
  • Edit Zendesk tickets within the BoldChat client
  • Write information to Zendesk by editing tickets within the BoldChat client and automatically linking chats with tickets/customer records
  • Setup multiple integration instances when each department in your organization requires a unique Zendesk account
  • Filter by Folder, Department, User Category, User Status, Custom Fields
Note: The Zendesk API is rate limited, but you should expect to be able to make at least 200 requests per minute. See the Zendesk documentation for details and practices for avoiding rate limiting.
Note: For information about Zendesk and data residency, see Data Residency Options.
  1. Create a new integration instance, as follows:
    1. From the main menu of the operator client, go to Setup > Account Setup. The Account Setup window is displayed.
    2. On the left menu, click General > Integrations > New .

    Result: The New Integration window is displayed.

  2. Under Integration, select Zendesk.
  3. Create or select an API Key. To get a key, click ... (the three dots button).

    This is required for authenticating calls to BoldChat servers.

  4. BoldChat communicates with Zendesk as a Zendesk user. We recommend creating a new Zendesk user with elevated rights. Enter information for this user.
    • Enter a User Name.
    • Enter the Token for this user. To generate the token, go to Zendesk setup under API. Data is encrypted in our database and will not be shown again.
    • Enter the URL of the Zendesk instance to which you are connecting: https://{Replace With Your Prefix}
  5. Choose Filter criteria. Incoming chats are compared to these criteria. The integration is activated when at least one criteria is met for each filter type in use.
    • Folder
    • Department
    • Category
    • Status
    • Custom Field 1
    • Custom Field 2
  6. Save your changes.