How to configure Conversion Tracking

To implement Conversion Tracking you must set up a Conversion Code definition and associate it with Conversion Tracking HTML that you insert to a site that has been prepared to pass special values when a conversion event occurs.

  1. Create a Conversion Code.
    1. From the main menu of the operator client, go to Setup > Account Setup. The Account Setup window is displayed.
    2. On the left menu of the Account Setup window, click Visitors > Conversion Codes > New. The New Conversion Code window is displayed.
  2. Give the conversion code an identifiable name.

    Example: For example Purchase, July 4th promo.

  3. To keep your operators informed about conversion events, associate the conversion code with an Alert Type that is triggered when conversion event occurs.

    Alerts are a nice touch to help motivate your operators.

  4. Under Operator Assignment, you can control how BoldChat "looks for" the operators to credit for a conversion.

    When a conversion event is triggered (for example, a visitor makes a purchase) BoldChat looks back at the visitor's history and identifies the appropriate operator (for example, the operator who worked with the visitor most recently).

    • Consider most recent chats
    • Consider oldest recent chats
    • Consider most recent chats within X days
    • Consider oldest recent chats within X days
  5. Under Referrer Assignment, BoldChat can be set to leverage information about referring sites (sites from which visitor are arrive to your site ? for example, a partner site that links to your page) so credit for a conversion event can be given.
    1. To only consider visits that contain referrer URL information, select Only consider visits that have a referrer URL.
  6. Save your changes.

    Result: The New Conversion Code window closes.

  7. Now you must associate the conversion code with Conversion Tracking HTML.
    1. From the main menu of the operator client, go to Setup > HTML > Generate Conversion Tracking HTML. The Generate Conversion Tracking HTML window is displayed.
    2. Associate the code with a Website definition.
    3. Under Conversion Tracking, select the Conversion Code you just created.
    4. Select Pass Custom Conversion Information and Pass Customer Visitor Information to ensure that required values are passed to BoldChat.
      Important: Make sure your site is able to populate the value of these fields! You may need to work with a web developer to use ASP, JSP, PHP, or similar. For additional important information for developers about working with variables, see " Conversion Tracking Variables" at Collecting visitor data with Custom Visitor Info and Variables.
    Important: When implementing Conversion Tracking, you must ensure that your Visitor Monitoring HTML, Conversion Tracking HTML, and Chat Button HTML are all associated with the same Website definition.
  8. Copy and paste the code to your site. See Generate and insert HTML to your website.
To view detailed information on each conversion, go to the Conversion tab (left menu of the BoldChat Operator Client).
Tip: Use the Conversion Summary Report to view and sort large amounts of conversion data by date, operator, code, and more.