How to set up Conversion Tracking

Use Digital DX to track conversion events so you can relate specific chats to actual sales or other milestones such as new account created or page viewed, thus allowing you to track individual success as a basis for paying commissions.

Many Digital DX users see conversion tracking as a way to measure chat's impact in relation to a specific call to action. For example, to measure the impact Chat has on sales or to measure registration or form completion.

Conversion tracking at-a-glance

  • Conversion tracking relies on Conversion Tracking HTML that has been associated with an identifier called a Conversion Code and inserted to a site that has been set up to pass values for fields known as Custom Conversion Information.
  • Conversion tracking leverages Digital DX's visitor monitoring functionality to help associate visits with conversion events.
    • When a conversion event is triggered (for example, a visitor makes a purchase) Digital DX looks back at the visitor's history and identifies the operator who worked with them most recently. This is how credit for a conversion event is given to an operator.
    • Digital DX can also identify the site from which a visitor was referred (for example, a partner site that links to your page). This is how credit for a conversion event is given to a referring site.
  • To play a sound or otherwise keep your team informed about conversion events, you can set up Alerts that can be triggered by conversion events (for example, play a cash register sound when a sale is made). Alerts are a nice touch to help motivate your operators ("make a sale, hear a sound, celebrate").