How to discuss a customer's issue with another Operator in the Agent Workspace

You can collaborate with another Operator in your organization to help you resolve a specific customer issue while you are chatting with the customer.

Discussions are private and are only visible to the Operators who participate in the discussion. The customer does not see these messages.

  • You must have the Actions > Chats > Discussions permission enabled to use this feature.
  • You cannot run Digital DX reports on discussions.
  1. To start a discussion, click Discuss at the bottom of the chat panel.

    Restriction: During remote access, Discussion is unavailable.

    Result: You are prompted to select a discussion partner.

  2. Select an Operator or a department and click Send request. When you select a department as discussion partner, Bold360 automatically assigns the discussion to an available Operator in that department. See How are discussions distributed when sent to a department.

    Result: The Discussion panel opens in a new column on your workspace. The discussion partner also receives a new notification on their workspace.

When the invited Operator accepts the invitation, the Discussion panel opens. Both you and the invited Operator will see the original chat and the discussion side by side.

Transfer the chat during a discussion

During a conversation, you can transfer the chat to your discussion partner. To do so, click Transfer to at the bottom of the discussion panel.
After transferring the chat, the discussion closes and the chat is removed from your workspace. The chat appears on the workspace of your discussion partner as an incoming chat message. The customer has a seamless chat experience and does not have to take any action during transfer.

If the discussion was initially assigned to a department, rather than directly to an Operator, then when the Operator transfers the chat, the following occurs:

  • The chat inherits the discussion's department
  • The chat is assigned to the discussion partner

What are best practices for discussing customer issues?

We recommend agents leverage the discussion feature. Agents can select a department as well as a specific agent to start a chat discussion. When you select a department as discussion partner, Digital DX automatically assigns the discussion to an available agent in that department. This allows for discussions to take place in the same window as customer chats so that agents never miss anything. It is also possible for multiple agents to participate in a discussion.

Customers never see the content of a discussion, which makes this feature perfect for warm transfers, asking for help, or getting manager assistance on the fly. Alternatively, more experienced agents can use discussions in the background as a training tool.