How to view and control a customer's computer with LogMeIn Rescue

How to view and control a customer's computer with LogMeIn Rescue

When there is LogMeIn Rescue subscriptions with an operator?s account, the operator can initiate a Rescue-based Desktop Sharing session. This feature allows the operator to view the visitor?s screen to pinpoint the problem and to interact with their computer (remote control).

  1. Start a chat session with the website visitor.
  2. In the toolbar above the active chat area, click Active Assist with this chat (two connected computers).

    Result: A dropdown list will offer options of the type of ActiveAssist.

    • Desktop Share (ActiveAssist with Rescue)
    • Browser Share (ActiveAssist Browser Share)
  3. Click Desktop Share.

    Result: The Authentication window will prompt for your LogMeIn Rescue account details.

    Tip: Account details can be saved and re-used for future remote control sessions.
  4. In the Authentication window, enter the Email and Password associated with the LogMeIn Rescue account, then click OK.

    Result: The LogMeIn Rescue session will be created and you will be prompted to choose the type of Rescue Technician Console (TC) to use.

    • Web-based Technician Console
    • Technician Console Desktop App
    Tip: If the operator already has the Rescue Technician Console running, then click Close and navigate to the Rescue Technician Console that is already open.
  5. Click Web-based TC, TC Desktop App or Close.
  6. In the Rescue Technician Console, navigate to the waiting session. Select the waiting session, then, above the session list, click Start (green play button).

    Result: A Prompt for download screen is shown.

    Tip: If the waiting session is not visible, it may be that another operator has manually started the session or Rescue?s auto-start option is active.
  7. Click Prompt for download.

    Result: The visitor will receive a prompt to download and run the Rescue applet.

  8. When prompted, the visitor must click Yes, then Run the Rescue applet.
  9. Once the Remote Control Applet is running on the visitor?s computer, the operator will be able to choose the type of remote session.
    • Remote Control
    • Desktop Viewing
  10. Click Launch Remote Control Session or Launch Desktop Viewing Session.

    Result: The visitor will be prompted to authorize the remote session.

  11. The visitor must click Yes within 30 seconds.

    Result: The remote session will start and the operator can use Rescue to continue the session.

    Tip: The prompt for authorization has a 30 second countdown timer (displayed in the window title bar). If the visitor fails to respond in time, access will be denied.
    Note: Chat messages sent by the visitor appear in both the BoldChat interface and the Rescue interface. Chat messages sent from the Rescue interface by the operator also appear in both the BoldChat interface and the Rescue interfaceChat messages sent by the operator from the BoldChat interface are not shown in Rescue.
Note: For information about LogMeIn Rescue and data residency, see Data Residency Options.