Why should I use Bold360 AI?

Your customers expect information on demand and a seamless customer journey through all of your digital channels. Customers are increasingly engaging with companies through a wider variety of touch points at their moment of need, at their time of convenience. Bold360 AI upgrades the customer experience through all of your touch points for faster resolution of your customers' questions and issues.

Bold360 AI helps you:

  • Increase first contact resolution rates by answering top funnel repetitive queries easily
  • Improve the customer experience for your brand by making knowledge accessible to your customers at every touch point
  • Create seamless conversation support with channeling capabilities to deliver customers effortlessly to a satisfying resolution
  • Empower your agents to work smarter, faster, and to create happier customer interactions

Contact centers are challenged with providing an even greater customer service experience, to even more inquiries, with more social visibility in an industry that sees a relatively high staff turnover. That's where Bold360 AI comes in. We help you engage with your customers.

Your customers prefer self-service - 67% of customers first check your website to seek the product/service information they need.

With Bold360 AI's intelligent, AI-enabled self-service solution you can expect:

  • 45% reduction in contact center volume
  • 50% increase in customer satisfaction (CSAT)
  • 50% increase in agent productivity (FCR)
  • 90% self-service score

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