How to get post-chat survey feedback data

You can use the reporting API to get the customer responses collected with post-chat surveys.

Important: Make sure you set up a post-chat survey as described in this article and you have been using it for at least a week, or have tested it a few times.

To get the feedback customers provided to the post-chat survey, use the following configuration:

Note: Make sure that the API key you use has access to all knowledge bases.
Change the parts of the configuration that are highlighted in bold. If you have set up the custom entity and the article title as it is in the example in this article, then you don't need to modify anything else in the API configuration below. If you added or modified questions, make sure to update the underlined parts of this API configuration.,,content.articleTitle,content.entities.survey:NPS,content.entities.survey:Comment&content.articleTitle=post-chat survey&source.kb_name=English&format=CSV

The resulting report will look like this: