What's the agent experience like?

Agents can find and accept messaging conversations coming from WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams in the Bold360 Agent workspace.

Agents can view these conversations under the Messages channel:

When a messaging conversation is transferred from a chatbot or it is assigned to a human agent directly, customers' messages are queued and await assignment even when no agents are online right away. The customer can wait for the agent to respond. The bot becomes active again only as soon as the agent ends the conversation.

When the agent accepts a conversation, they can see the real name of the person they chat with since the messaging provider sends that information. The agent can also view all prior conversations between the customer and the business as well as the latest session information, including chatbot messages if a chatbot is set up.

To help agents handle incoming messages efficiently, Bold360 moves inactive conversations from the agent's workspace. This way, agents who have concurrent limits defined are not blocked by pending conversations. They can deal with other customers until the customer takes action in the messaging application. The conversation returns to the agent's view and continues where it ended, providing great response time and experience to the customer.

Bold360 offers various aids and options to optimize agent performance. See this article to learn more.