Data Protection

For more convenient handling of GDPR requests, you can schedule customer data deletion and data export to XML directly from the Web Admin Center. This allows administrators to manually select customers and remove their sensitive data from the Digital DX system.

Note: The ability to change data protection settings is disabled for all permission groups and must be explicitly enabled by selecting the Account Settings > Access Data Retention Settings permission.
  1. In the Web Admin Center, go to General > Data Protection.
  2. Type a customer ID or email address into the field at the top of the page. You have the following options:
    Option Description
    Schedule deletion and export The selected customers' data will be first exported and then permanently deleted. This data cannot be recovered. The download link to the exported data is valid for 14 days or until manually deleted.
    Schedule export only The selected customers' data will only be exported to XML, but not removed from the system. The download link to the exported data does not expire, but can be manually deleted.
    Important: Scheduling is not immediate; deletion and export occurs automatically once a day.