Wrap-up Fields: Organize items by Category, Custom Field, Status

Create labels (wrap-up fields) that can be used to organize items in a channel automatically according to rules or manually by an agent during wrap-up.

  1. In the Web Admin Center, choose the channel for which you want to create labels:
    • Channels > Chat > Wrap-up Fields
    • Channels > Email > Wrap-up Fields
    • Channels > Messaging > Wrap-up Fields
  2. Along the left side of the page, choose the type of label to edit or create:
    • Categories
    • Custom Field 1
    • Custom Field 2
    • Statuses
  3. Select an existing item or click Create New.
  4. Name the label.
  5. Save your changes.

The labels are ready for use:

  • An agent can use the wrap-up form to manually assign a label to a chat, email, or message
  • An administrator can create rules to automatically assign a label to a chat, email, or message

What are best practices for creating wrap-up fields?

Wrap-Up Fields allow you to capture information from agents based on engagement; ask agents to provide a category, status, or custom fields after a conversation. You can make these mandatory. We recommend using these as they can be reported on and used to understand trends and volume. Wrap-up fields are also very helpful for CRM integrations and enable easier and more organized follow up as needed.