Invite customers to chat after missing them (Chat Recovery)

When agents are unavailable, customers may nonetheless click on a chat button without making real-time contact. When an agent becomes available, Digital DX can inform them that a customer who wanted to chat is still on the site (this is called recovery). The agent can then choose to invite the customer to chat.

Here's how to activate chat recovery.
  1. Set the chat invitation to show for chat recovery:
    1. In the Web Admin Center, go to Customers > Invitation Settings.
    2. On the Invitation Settings page under Chat Invitation Shown for Chat Recovery, select the chat invitation you want customers to see.
  2. Enable chat recovery per agent.
Agents for whom the Enable chat recovery/recapture permission has been granted (step 2, above) can send invitations to customers. Agents see the following system message: There are customers on your site who tried to chat while you were away. Would you like to invite them to chat now? If an agent responds Yes, the customer is sent the chat invitation defined above.