To use the chatbot, you must first integrate the Bold360 Agent and AI platforms.

Note: This feature is only available with a Bold360 AI platform account.
  1. Enable the Bold360 ai integration in the Bold360 Admin Center as follows:
    1. In the Web Admin Center, go to Integrations > Genesys DX ai.
    2. Enter your Bold360 AI platform account name, host URL, and API key that you can copy from your Bold360 Admin Console.

      To find this API key, log in to your organization's Bold360 AI platform account and go to the Admin Center > API keys tab.

    3. Click Integrate.
  2. Set up an AI-enabled chat window so that both your customers and agents receive help from the chatbot:
    1. In the Web Admin Center, go to Channels > Chat > Chat Windows and create or edit a chat window.
    2. On the General tab, select Genesys DX ai chat window for chat window type.
    3. Select the Bold360 ai chat window configuration from the Floating Widget Configuration drop-down list that you want to use. Smart Advisor will use the selected knowledge base to answer customer queries.


      Note: You can only customize an AI chat window in the Bold360 Admin Console.
    4. Optionally, to define a separate knowledge base for your agents, select a Knowledge Base for Agents from the respective drop-down list.

      Result: This way, you can define an additional knowledge base that agents can use when the bot does not find a suitable answer. Additionally, agent answers would not influence your primary knowledge base's statistics on the Bold360 ai Dashboard.

    5. Save your changes.
  3. Set up your AI-enabled chat window's escalation path, which is called channeling policy in the Bold360 Admin Console:
    1. Create a Bold360 API access key.
      • In the Bold360 Admin Center, go to Integrations > API Access Keys and click Create New.
      • Name your API key and select a Website and a Chat window that you want to associate with chats.
      • Select the Department where you want to direct your chats.
      • Click Save and copy your API access key.


      Note: After closing this dialog you will not be able to view this key.
    2. In the Bold360 Admin Console, go to Channeling > Policy and click Add channel.

      Channel setup requires the Bold360 API access key that you have previously created.

    Remember: To implement a chat window, you must associate it with a chat button.
    Important: When you generate your chat button HTML code, you must select the same Website that you have defined for your API Access Key in Step 3.

    Result: The integration is now available for your agents. After integration, the Smart Advisor panel automatically replaces the Canned Messages panel when a chat is transferred from the chatbot. For more information, see Smart Advisor: Chatbot-assisted conversations.

    Figure 1. Agent's view when Genesys DX ai is activated

After integrating Genesys DX ai, you may also do the following:

  • Set up the knowledge base that contains help articles. The chatbot presents the same knowledge base articles in the AI-enabled chat window to customers and on the Smart Advisor panel to agents. You can define multiple knowledge bases to serve different audiences, but every knowledge base must be associated with a separate chat window definition in the Bold360 Admin Center.
  • Customize the AI-enabled chat window. In the Bold360 Admin Console, go to Touchpoints > Floating widget and click Personalize.

For information on working with the Bold360 Admin Console, see the Bold360 ai support page.