You can display additional record details on the Salesforce panel both in compact and expanded modes.

Remember: When you search for a record in the Bold360 Salesforce panel, the results are listed in compact mode. To switch to expanded mode, click the arrow to the right of the Salesforce record.
  1. To display additional details of Salesforce records, go to Salesforce Setup > Object Manager tab and select a Salesforce object.
  2. On the Page Layouts tab, select the page layout that you want to change.
    • To modify the expanded page layout, drag-and-drop the layout elements from the top of the page to the <Salesforce Object> Detail section.
    • To modify the compact page layout, click Mini Page Layout at the top of the page. Add fields from the Available to Selected column that you want to display and then Save your changes.
  3. Click Save when you are done.