How to configure Digital DX Conversation Integration

After installation, configure the Bold360 Conversation Integration app.

  1. In the Salesforce App Launcher, select the Bold360 item.
  2. Navigate to the Bold360 Setup

    Result: The Object Summary page is displayed.

  3. From the Select Salesforce object drop-down list, add all the relevant objects that you want to use in the Agent workspace. By default, you can select the following Salesforce objects:
    Salesforce object Description
    Account Displays customer account information in the Bold360 Agent workspace.
    Case Displays cases related to the customer.
    Contact Displays customer contact details.
    Lead Displays information about leads related to the customer.
    Opportunity Displays information about opportunities related to the customer.

    Result: You can also select custom Salesforce objects as described in How to add a custom Salesforce object to the Bold360 Salesforce panel.

  4. Configure each object, following the steps below.
    1. Click the object name to see its details and enable it at the top of the page.
    2. From the Select Channel(s) drop-down list, select a channel that you want to support.
      Note: Currently, only the Chat channel is supported.
    3. Set Permission to Read/Create.
    4. Select a Salesforce object page layout, which defines the relevant fields that users can view and edit in Salesforce. Click Save when you are done.
    5. Under Field Mapping, click Configure to set up the mapping between chat window fields and the fields of the selected Salesforce object.
    6. Select a chat window to map its fields to your Salesforce account.
    7. In the chat field mapping section, select the fields of your Bold360 chat window that you want to save to your Salesforce account. Click Add when you are done.
      Important: For field mapping to work properly, you must be aware of which fields are available in Salesforce and what the equivalent of those fields are in the Agent Workspace.
    8. For each Digital DX chat field, select a corresponding Salesforce field from the drop-down lists. This way, you can automate the process of filling in customer information.
    9. Click Save.

      Result: To set up the field mapping between multiple Bold360 chat windows and your Salesforce account, you must repeat the configuration process from step 4.f.

For information on other integrations, see developer documentation.